The major consists of 36 credits to be distributed as follows:

Introductory Course (one required course)

01:595:100 Introduction to Caribbean Studies OR
01:595:101 Introduction to Latino Studies

Research Methodologies (one required course)

01:595:215 Research Methods in Latino and Caribbean Studies (OFFERED EVERY SPRING)

Interdisciplinary Distributions (one course from each of the following areas for a total of three 200-level courses):

History, Politics, and Philosophy

01:595:202 Color-Lines and Borderlands OR
01:595:204 History of the Caribbean to 1898 OR
01:595:205 History of the Caribbean since 1898 OR
01:595:224 Comparative Immigration Studies

Culture and Creative Expressions

01:595:226 Art and Visual Culture of the Caribbean OR
01:595:230 Latinx Art OR
01:595:240 Latino Literature and Culture OR
01:595:270 Introduction to Caribbean Literature OR
01:595:295 Latino and Caribbean Cultural Studies

Society, Community, and Environment

01:595:297 Caribbean Societies OR
01:595:298 Latinos and Migration OR
01:595:299 Latinos and Community

Capstone Course (one required course)

One 400-level seminar (01:595:402, 01:595:412, 01:595:497) OR another approved course


Students are required to take an additional six courses in the department, three of which must be 300- or 400-level.

Please note: Research Methods (595:215) is offered every spring semester and should be completed before taking a 400-level seminar.

With the Undergraduate Director's approval, students may replace up to two electives with courses that are offered by other departments or units of Rutgers University. Credit may be offered for one course in Spanish language or composition at the 200 or 300 level. Only one independent study course may be used to satisfy the requirements, except by students enrolled in the department's honors program. Only grades of C or higher will count toward the major requirements.

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