LCS Video Production Course & Lab

Spring 2021 screenings


This year the course (seminar + lab) was taught remotely. Students made short films centering around stories about specific characters: a grand mother remembering her life in Oaxaca while cooking costilla de puerco en mole rojo; a flowershop owner in Union City navigating the pandemic; a young visual artist from Elizabeth talking candid about life and societal expectations, a Dominican daughter who never had learned how to cook, and a young women pondering what it means for her family to embody both Afrolatinx and Boricua identities.

Documenting Latinx Lives Spring 2021 REV copy


"Documenting Latinx Lives" is a Latino and Caribbean Studies video production seminar taught by Prof. Ulla D. Berg at Rutgers University, using the medium of video to explore contemporary issues that affect the lives of Latinx communities in the United States. During one semester students are trained in advanced production techniques and they learn to employ narrative structures and storytelling strategies in ethnographic and documentary films and consider the distinct representational techniques, dilemmas and possibilities these hold for representing Latinx social experience. Each student produce their own 10-minute documentary films.

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