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The Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies (LCS) at Rutgers University promotes the study of the Caribbean and the Latino experience in the United States through an interdisciplinary approach to college education, scholarship, and community involvement. The department emphasizes the transnational and hemispheric links that connect US-based communities with countries, territories, and various socio-political formations of the Caribbean and the American continent. LCS offers an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training to students, preparing them to be active and thoughtful members of the diverse and globalized society in which they will live and work. While always striving for the highest possible academic excellence, we seek to provide our students with concrete analytical tools to help them succeed not only in their individual academic and career goals, but also in their leadership and community service potentials.  


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Fall 2022: 595:412 Seminar in Latino and Caribbean Studies: Art and Activism on the U.S.-Mexican Border

LatCar Fall 2022 Seminar

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