Course Description

  • Instructor: Miller, Hyacinth
  • Description:

    The Caribbean, a multi‐ethnic, multi‐lingual, multi‐racial region is both politically diverse and politically fragmented because of its colonial and post‐colonial histories. Not only does the Caribbean have states that are autonomous, independent, intentionally dependent and socialist, but the region is one of the most democratic in the world.

    Together, we will examine the colonial history of the Caribbean, through a comparative politics lens, to help explain the political circumstances of some of the states. We will review the different forms of political government for a select group of Caribbean states, assess the utility of Caribbean regional organizations and analyze the reasons for the presence of China, Taiwan and Russia in the Caribbean and the continued existence of the US, U.K. and France in the region. Lastly, we will evaluate the current and future political challenges to Caribbean states.

  • Credits: 3
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