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    Each year, the Rutgers Future Scholars program introduces 200 first-generation low-income and academically promising students from New Brunswick, Piscataway, Camden, and Newark to the promise and opportunity of a college education.

    To succeed in college, students must enter not only with a solid academic foundation (content knowledge such as language and math and skills such as time management and study habits), but also a social network with college knowledge (navigating the college search, application process, financial aid, etc.). As a mentor, you can join that social network and support Scholars on their path to college by encouraging their academic growth and increasing their college knowledge.

    The service of mentoring is a gift we all can choose to give or receive. No matter where one is in life, it offers us guidance, perspective, and encouragement. It is a unique connection where both contributors serve as mutual beneficiaries.

    Mentoring High School Future Scholars is a special course with many purposes, both to enhance you intellectually and professionally and to guide Rutgers Future Scholars (high school students) in the New Brunswick and Piscataway public schools to meet their personal and career goals. You will learn skills that will help you to mentor adolescents effectively. We will also examine and discuss relevant topics in education, social justice, and college access through readings and guest lecturers. You and your fellow mentors will form partnerships and explore strategies to create an inclusive and welcoming University community for all.

    In addition to your time in the class, you will be meeting with your Scholars throughout the semester (one session per week; Tuesday through Friday from 2pm -4pm).

  • Credits: 3
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