Course Description

  • Description:

    Afro-Latinx  Geographies in the US and Latin America examines uneven Afro-Latinx geographies in the US and Latin America. It interrogates how racialization and national identity formation, US imperialism in Latin American and the Caribbean, displacement, and immigration shape spatial, economic, and environmental (in)justices that affect Afro-Latinxs across the Americas. Afro-Latinxs geographies also address the multiplicity of spatial, cultural, and political experiences of Blackness and Latinidad, and highlight their intersections across the African Diaspora, by focusing on Afro-Latinx social justice movements. The course questions the hegemony of US African-American experiences in Diaspora Studies, and shortcomings of Latino and Latin American Studies in engaging analysis of race, Blackness in particular. 

    It offers historical and geographical context, concepts, and data for students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to ask how multiple identities and interconnected systems of oppression have shaped not only the everyday lives of Afro-Latinxs but of all communities. This is a project-driven course involving research, written responses to readings and films, and translating research into creative materials. We will use scholarly, multimedia, film, journalistic, and artistic resources.

  • Credits: 3
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