• Camilla Stevens, Ph.D.
  • Camilla Stevens, Ph.D.
  • Professor
  • LCS and Spanish and Portuguese
  • Office: A257, Lucy Stone Hall
  • Phone: (848) 445-3873


PhD, 2000, University of Kansas, Hispanic Literature
M.A. 1994, University of New Mexico, Hispanic Literature
B.A. 1992, Tulane University, Latin American Studies and Spanish


Research Interests

Caribbean Literature * Latin(o) American Theater and Performance Studies * Migration and Citizenship * Colonialism and Race


Biographical Information

Camilla Stevens holds a joint appointment with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and is the former director of the Center for Latin American Studies. She specializes in Latin(o) American drama, theater and performance studies, and Caribbean literature. Her research highlights the role of theater in the cultural politics of constructing, defining, and remembering collective identities. Her book Family and Identity in Contemporary Cuban and Puerto Rican Drama offers a comparative analysis of how domestic drama allegorizes divergent views of Cuban and Puerto Rican national experience during the second half of the 20th-century. In Aquí and Allá: Transnational Dominican Theater and Performance, professor Stevens explores how contemporary Dominican theater and performance artists portray a sense of collective belonging shaped by the transnational connections between the homeland and the diaspora. She has also co-edited a two-volume collection of Latin American women playwrights and currently serves on the editorial board of the Latin American Theatre Review.


Courses Regularly Taught

595:100 Introduction to Caribbean Studies
595:270 Introduction to Caribbean Literature
595:341 Theater of the Hispanic Caribbean: Migration and Memory
595:342 Post-colonial Caribbean Theater and Performance (as graduate seminar, 940:659)
940:215 Introducción a la Literatura Hispánica
940:331 Literatura y Cultura del Caribe Hispano (siglos 15-19)
940:332 Literatura y Cultura del Caribe Hispano (siglos 20-21)
940:450 Teatro Hispanomericano (as graduate seminar, 940:555)



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Articles and Book Chapters

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