Prospective Students

April Lopez Activism cropped
Image Credits: April Lopez, Phoebe Chong (October 2018), "I Am An Immigrant/I Stand With Immigrants" Day Tabling
Campaigning for Driver's Licenses in NJ, Busch Student Center​

On May 29, 2020, the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies awarded its inaugural "Dra. Maria Josefa Canino Arroyo Leadership Award" to April Lopez, given April's extraordinary achievements in the face of adversity. The award is presented to a graduating senior in Latino and Caribbean Studies who has demonstrated transformative leadership at the university, local, and global levels and who embodies the intellectual activism central to Latinx Studies.

April Lopez graduated last May from the Rutgers Business School while also completing a major and honors thesis in the SAS Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies. She brought together insights and expertise from both fields in her honors project, while remaining committed to advocating for undocumented students and her local and university communities. Her work (both in and out of the classroom) demonstrates the value of an SAS program for professional school students and progressive approaches to business in the world today.

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