The Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Latino Studies, Professor Lilia Fernández at Rutgers University, in partnership with Voces Oral History Center, The University of Texas at Austin, share these very special interviews. The Latino community has been disproportionately affected by the novel Coronavirus, for several reasons. Many Latinas/os work in “essential” jobs that involve contact which may lead to infection. Others are affected because of a lack of quality health care. And more have underlying health problems. As this crisis unfolds, the Voces Oral History Center seeks to record, archive and disseminate interviews about the pandemic’s effect on the larger Latina/o community. This oral history project and public event seeks to examine the individual life of each person interviewed, looking for insights into the effects of the public health crisis.

Patricia Clavijo and Wilmer Luna (1356)

Nora Valencia (1354)

Lissa Mendez (1353)

Viviana Villalobos (1336)

Jeison Argueta (1311)

Lilia Fernandez (1315)

Maria Juarez (1300) Part 1

Maria Juarez (1300) Part 2

Luz Sandoval (1304)

Karenn Happuck Alves (1302)

Miguel Romero (1297)

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