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Kenneth Sebastian León, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
LCS and Criminal Justice Program
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(848) 445-4242

Ph.D. 2017, American University, Justice, Law and Criminology
M.A. 2013, George Washington University, Criminology
B.S. 2011, Florida State University, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Office Room: A-259, Lucy Stone Hall, Livingston Campus

Research Interests

crimes of the powerful; political economies of justice systems; carceral studies; race and justice; food systems


Biographical Information

Professor León is an Assistant Professor of Latino and Caribbean Studies and a Faculty Affiliate of the Criminal Justice Program at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. His scholarship and research interests broadly focus on the economic, ideological, racial, and sociopolitical underpinnings of crime and justice systems.

He is the author of Corrupt Capital – Alcohol, Nightlife, and Crimes of the Powerful (Routledge, 2020). Dr. León’s work also addresses practical issues in criminal justice institutions. Collaborative and immersive projects in this area include studies of the Colombian National Police, the Honduran National Police, and the transnational capacity of MS-13 in the United States and El Salvador.

His scholarship appears in Criminology & Public Policy; Critical Criminology; Crime, Law and Social Change; Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology; International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy; Journal of Psychoactive Drugs; the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology; Race and Justice; and Carolina Academic Press.



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Select Works Available in Open Access Format Here.

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