Friday, March 02, 2018
  • 10:00am - 02:00pm  Rutgers Latino Studies Research Symposium

    Panel 1 (10:15-11:30)

    Yalidy Matos, Adiós a 'pie seco, pie mojado': Changing US Immigration Policy Toward Cubans
    Melanie Plasencia, "No Tengo Dinero, Pero Tengo Mucha Gente": A Qualitative Exploration of How Older Latino Immigrants Age in an Ethnic Enclave
    Natalie Saldariaga, The American Immigrants
    Ulla Berg, Making the Road (Back) : Deportation, Personhood, and the Right to Mobility Across the Americas


    Panel 2 (11:45-1:00)

    Carlos U. Decena, Indecent Conocimientos: A Queer of Color Peregrinaje
    Kathleen Lopez, The Rutgers Latino and Caribbean Community Memory Project
    Jason Cortes, El Muero Paraó (Debt, Haunting, Disposability)
    Lilia Fernandez, A Black Judge, Two Mexican Defendants, and White Backlash: The Erasure of Latinos in Criminal Justice History

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