Congratulations to all 2019 graduates!

Majoring in Latino and Caribbean Studies

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From left to right: Department Chair Carlos Decena, Darrell Real, Liandy Gonzalez, Mateo Arango, Geidy Mendez, and Professor Dinzey-Flores.


Minoring in Latino and Caribbean Studies

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From left to right top row: Department Chair Carlos Decena, Jessica Hernandez, Jennifer Velazquez, Emily Mendieta, Jennifer Nelson, George Zapata, Monika Cruz Figueroa.

From left to right bottom row: Luz Sandoval and Kevin Rosero. 


LCS Work Study Team 


From left to right top row: Maria Lozano (Administrative Assistant), Laura, Stephanie, Luz, Mateo, Jessica, Shelby, Chielozor

From left to right bottom row: Madai Poole (Program Coordinator) and Kevin 


Who will earn 2019 recognition for excellence? 

Team Leader Award (El Líder) 

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This person has stepped up, provides leadership; helps the administrative team and instructs their peers 


Team Player Award (Jugador del Equipo)

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This person pitches in, rolls up their sleeves when more support is needed and always supports the team without a fuss. 


Lifesaver Award (Salvavidas)

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This person goes above and beyond, whether it's "their job" or not and pitches in to save the day for the Department of Latino and Caribbean studies, regardless of whether they're on duty. 


Monster Award (Monstro)

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This dependable team member stays busy, takes on tasks even before being asked and they are "all over it" without hesitation. 

This program is generously sponspred by the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Latino Studies, and Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences.