595:412 Seminar in Latino and Caribbean Studies: Art and Activism on the U.S.-Mexican Border

MTH 12:10-1:20 * A256 LSH * LIV

This course explores the various meanings of the word frontera or border. What is a border geographically speaking? What does it mean in political and legal terms? How do we conceive of the border in cultural, literary, linguistics, political, judicial, and personal ways? What is it like to live on the border or on the margins? It is said that a border is a contact zone, a meeting point, a way to transfer and share information, an invitation to (in)tolerance and ex/inclusion. We will read and view texts from history, politics, cultural anthropology, literature, music, and performance to grasp the complexity of what is life on the border. The course is taught in English.

Course Goals:
Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
-contextualize political and historical issues between the U.S. and Mexico
-analyze how culture explores a humanistic approach to a geopolitical dilemma
-identify different conceptual approaches in border studies
-formulate persuasive written and oral arguments

LatCar Fall 2022 Seminar