Certificate Application

The job market and professional and graduate schools are becoming more competitive each day. Students and former students pursuing careers in Law, Health, Social Welfare, Planning and Public Policy, and Business, as well as students interested in securing graduate degrees in Anthropology, English, History, and Literature (among others) speak of the benefit of completing majors and minors in interdisciplinary areas such as Latino and Caribbean Studies (LCS).


While a major or a double major is ideal, now students can also aspire to obtain due recognition for their training and knowledge on multicultural matters by taking at least nine credits offered with the designation 01:595, which is the number that identifies the Department of LCS. (LCS courses offered through a cross-listing with another department may count: for example 01:595:205 / 01:508:272 History of the Caribbean since 1898.)


Application is easy: just fill out and submit the online form that asks for your name, student ID, major, minor, and 9 credits that you have taken in LCS. Students obtaining the certificate will be invited to receive it at the LCS graduation along with their families, or they may pick it up in person after commencement or request for it to be mailed. LCS keeps a record of certificates and will be able to confirm that you received it with any prospective employer or program.


Graduating LCS Majors and Minors will automatically receive the certificate.

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